Khaotyk Artwerx
Dark Artist ~ Priestess

Khaotyk Artwerx

Dark Artist ~ Priestess


About Me

My style has been described as morbid and edgy with a twisted sense of humour. I channel a lot of trauma from my work with PTSD, so the pieces can be horrific. I am working to develop a style of art therapy to help heal other victims using my spirituality and experience.

I am a renaissance-woman when it comes to art. I mainly keep to painting and illustration, but I do get my hands into clay, spiritual jewelry crafting, etching, acting, assistant directing, story boarding, and whatever else suits my fancy at the moment.

Contests Won

~Sixthleaf Clover's contest winner
~FA Spirit Carrier Contest Winner
~Studio of Secrets Art Contest~ 2nd place and honourable mention
~College Art Show 2004~ Best of Show: digital for a 3D video; 1st, 2nd and honourable mention for digital art.

Film Arts

To Jennifer
~ party-goer extra

Not Without Reason (student doc)
~ a featured speaker, artwork within and for dvd cover

Elegance Eternal (student film)
~ acted (gothic girl), ass't director, storyboard, donated car.
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